(Breaking News) Boat Dealers and Vendors are Free to display and sell Smackdown Rod Holders

Boat Dealers and Vendors attending the Alabama Fishing Show March 10-12 were relieved today to find out that they are allowed to display and even sell Smackdown Rod Holders at this incredible 3-Day event.  It took a simple short conversation with Show Owner and Operator Sheila Bunch today to confirm this good news for all paying Vendors who spend thousands of dollars for travel, hotel, food, booth fees, inventory, supplies and more to attend these shows.

It was quite a shock to numerous Boat Dealers and other Vendors who spent thousands to display and sell Smackdown Rod Holders at a show this past weekend in Louisville, Kentucky when they were made to remove all Smackdowns from their boats and displays.  Yes the Smackdowns were owned by these Boat Dealers but were not allowed to show or display them at all.  Some boats were left with just MulTBar Rod Racks installed, and looked bare and incomplete without Rod Holders atop, of which is the normal way of rigging a boat. “A very awkward and ineffective way to promote your business at a show, of which we paid an awful lot of money for” remarked one Vendor.  On a side note, our staff to date has not found any other shows nationwide, or tournaments, boat dealers, bait and tackle shops and more that restrict the display or sale of rod holders.

Fortunately for these Vendors and Boat Dealers, the Alabama Fishing Expo is not restricting what products can be displayed and sold, as is the norm with every other show in the nation, except one as mentioned above.  Smackdown Outdoors Media will be there to report back on the hundreds of vendors at this show and the freedom and expected large attendance here at The Venue at Coosa Landing in Gadsden, Alabama.  It is expected to be a well-attended show and you are encouraged to get your tickets in advance at AlabamaFishingShow.com

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