Patented Musky Gear seeps into the Catfish market

For years, hauling in a fighting catfish, carp, or really any large fish has sometimes meant sore, strained, or even injured wrists and shoulders. The traditional method of battling flatheads, bluecats, even spoonbill by pulling up the rod has always been used, at the expense of fatigued body parts. Enter the patented Jig Ripper by Appleton, Wisconsin-based Outdoor Grips. This simple handle fits about any rod handle and used simple mechanical leverage not only for better hooksets, but also for jigging, bumping, cast and reel in, and best of all – reeling up those very large beasts.

Used by Musky Hunters, Guides, Tournament and weekend Anglers since the Jig Ripper hit the market in 2014, this simple device simple attaches to a rod handle and uses simple leverage, wiping out nearly all hard exertion on the wrist. Making jigging relaxing and allowing you to handle a heavy rod and lure or bait all day long, many have likened this from extending your fishing time on a daily basis (and fishing life!) to the old quote “$35 is cheaper than a $12,000 wrist surgery.”

With the Catfishing crowd now slowly catching on, numerous Guides and big cat hunters have even added these to net handles, adding a huge advantage for pulling colossal catfish, spoonbill, and many more out of the water at the side of the boat, dock, or even bank. Although an innumerable number of Dealers carry these up north where Musky is a mainstream game fish, these are now available here at SmackdownCatfishing.com as well.


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