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Why Smackdown makes the World’s Most Versatile Bank Rod Holder

No need anymore to drag 3 rod holders out to the riverbank or shoreline. One Smackdown Pipe Bank Rod Holder does it all by allowing for 3 different fishing rods to be placed in this one rod holder. With the blazing success of the Smackdown Pipe Rod Holder, Smackdown simply replaced the threaded stem used on boats with a 24″ steel stem making it the most multi-faceted rod holder on the planet.

100% Made in the USA and shipping daily, Bait and Tackle Shops nationwide have jumped on board to stock these and take care of their local clientele. At $42, customer feedback has stated these are less expensive (and much more convenient) than buying 3 single bank rod holders. Other reports are happy the 1/2″ stem is by far the most durable in the industry, along with its 4 bright and attractive plastisol-coated colors.

You can get yours here at SmackdownRod

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