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Remember “That” Rumor?

Smackdown Rod Holders have always been 100% Made in the USA.  Handcrafted and double and triple-checked before heading out the door to customers and dealers. Thousands of Guides, weekend anglers, Tournament fishermen and many more have all upgraded to the 3 angles and 5 positions of Smackdowns.  It has always been well-known these are made right here at the Smackdown World Headquarters. Every bend and weld.

But someone started the rumor.  A very False rumor.  That Smackdowns were made in china.  With nonstop videos and pictures it was shown and proven time and again that Smackdowns were and are still Made here in the USA, as most everyone knew and understood.  With more variations of the original rod holder, more media was produced featuring the Double-Seat model, Pipe Rod Holder with 4 angles and 6 Positions, the new Net Holders, the Anchors, even the new Bank Rod Holders.  In the end, that “rumor” ended up being free public relations for Smackdown as it was proven to be quite bogus.  “You can’t beat free PR like that.”

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