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Why MulTBar Rod Racks continue to dominate

From very humble beginnings in early 2020, MulTBar Rod Racks grew seemingly into an overnight sensation.  100% Made in the USA, the World’s most versatile rod positioning system (when combined with Smackdown Rod Holders) continues to be used to upgrade boats nationwide at an exponentially increasing rate. If you are one who does not yet run these racks, check out some of the details here in this short and very informative review.

While many Guides and Tournament Fishermen have installed MulTBars on their boats, weekend fishermen have also turned to this system in droves. Check out some of the finer points in detail here with Troy Gustafson who added MulTBars in the last year and runs up and down the Mississippi River for Bluecats and Flatheads between Iowa and Illinois. Thousands have given themselves a large advantage on the water with this new young addition to their boats.  You too can enjoy, and start here at

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