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New Rod Holders debut after long wait

After 2 1/2 years of development the new Smackdown Bank Rod Holders (deemed Generation One) have finally hit the market.  A continuing barrage (and deservedly so) of emails, texts, calls, messages pounded Smackdown almost daily asking for a Smackdown version of a Bank Rod Holder.  Steps were take in March to increase production to fit the first batch in between the increased demand for orders that was already in place.

Rumors persist that there is another version in final development and will be released soon, also incorporating Smackdown’s 3 Angles and 5 Positions.  One attractive aspect is the fact that 2 rods can be placed in each rod holder, making for more value for those who enjoy fishing from land.  Look for these to hit the market soon. And by the way, look for other new products arriving in the next 1-2 months. Get your Gear here at

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